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Counselling & Psychotherapy #01

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling usually has a specific focus and tends to be shorter term work. Psychotherapy works at greater depth enabling you to explore underlying patterns of relating you have formed in the past and how these are affecting your life in the present.

Therapy is a joint endeavour to help you gain more clarity and understanding of how you exist in your world. This insight is what can make change possible. Clients tell me that having time and a confidential environment separate from their daily lives in which to voice their concerns is very helpful in gaining a better understanding of themselves, their difficulties and their options for change.

Working Together

Building a relationship is central to the work. I believe that it is important that you choose someone to work with that you feel comfortable with and offer an initial appointment, free of charge, to explore whether what I offer will best suit your needs.

"I really do feel so much better-there is a definite way forward."

How could this be helpful?

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer you the opportunity to find a way forward so that you can live your life in a fuller and more satisfying way. It can offer you potential benefits that may include:

  • gaining a better understanding of yourself and your difficulty
  • broadening the range of choices available to you
  • resolving a problem
  • improving your relationships with other people
  • coming to terms with a past experience
  • developing skills that you can utilise to maintain the changes beyond completion of your counselling sessions

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